Well, I seem to have offended a certain group of Nova Scotians with one of my recent blog posts.  Now now, I can hear you gasping in shock at this news: “Bridget? Offend animal abusers?  Neverrrrrr!”  But yes, as hard as it may be to believe, my blog entry on Sunday hunting during big game season in Nova Scotia has touched a nerve with a certain demographic of Nova Scotians who like to spend their leisure time torturing, maiming and killing defenceless wildlife for pleasure.  My inbox has been lighting up with dozens of angry, petulant and abusive responses.  Response hasn’t been this brisk since the last rash of sealers wrote threatening to shoot me!  These redneck hunters sure are a sensitive lot. I almost felt sorry for them.  Until I remembered the cruelty they inflict on our wildlife.

I’ve read all of their messages up to now because I figure if they take the time to send me something, the least I can do is read it, right?  It seems they were offended by my staunch opposition to hunting, quite naturally, and being called rednecks and wife beaters, again, quite understandably.  But what really made them angry, apparently, was the fact that they felt (1) I was denying their right to free speech by “deleting” their comments and (2) I was intolerant of opposing views and not interested in having a discussion about the issue.  Oh and yeah, (3) I am a “hypocritical bitch” and a “demented little troll.”

It seemed to be a common theme in the comments that the hunters had as much right to free speech as I do, so I should not be deleting their comments. 

My response:  Yes, you certainly do have the same right to free speech as I enjoy.  So start your own blog and express yourself to your heart’s content.  Nobody’s stopping you. [Psst, by the way, I'm not deleting your comments.  Submitted comments don't get posted immediately; they must be approved by the blog owner.  See, if you had your own blog you'd know that :) ]

Now, regarding the other accusation – that I was intolerant of opposing views and not interested in discussing or debating the issue (I forget the actual wording and to be honest I can’t be bothered to go back and check).  

My response:  No, I’m not interested in “discussing” or “debating” the issue.  When I became involved in animal issues approximately six years ago I had “discussions” and “debates” with people holding opposing views.  I quickly learned it was a massive waste of my time and energy.  I had my view.  They had their view.  Nobody was budging.  If I want a “discussion” or a “debate” on the issue, I will join a forum designed for just that purpose.

I don’t go trolling the internet looking for blogs that express opposing views from my own and post snide comments.  If I did, I certainly would not be surprised or outraged when my comments didn’t show up.  So all you redneck hunters out there, my advice to you is:  If you really want to exercise your right to freedom of expression, start your own blog and stay the hell away from mine, cos you’re wasting your time. ;)