Me with a friend, a baby harp seal, in Cape Breton, 2009

Me with a friend, a baby harp seal, in Cape Breton, 2009

I am a director and spokesperson for the Atlantic Canadian Anti-Sealing Coalition.


  1. That is the cutest thing ever!! Whoever looks at that creature in the eyes and beats her to death deserves to be called a “barbarian”. Period.
    Was that the experience of your life? I know it would be mine.

  2. Just curious…

    what is your PhD and education background regarding your indepth research and understanding into the Harp Seal??? It seems it would be useful information to include under “About Bridget Curran”….unless of course you have no formal education just a pocket full of money.

  3. Why do you think it’s ok to harass marine mammals in contravention of Federal regulations? You talk about using “legal” methods to end the seal hunt, but then break the law yourself. Don’t you think this is at least a little bit ironic? I’m sure you realize that observer permits don’t allow you to get this close to harp seals.

    What is your scientific background with respect to marine mammal ecology? What makes you an expert on harp seals? Do you have an advanced degree in marine mammal science or veterinary science? Why should we listen to you when true experts, marine mammal scientists and veterinarians, support the hunt and say it is humane?

  4. Bridget, you’re just another whore for a hate organization. You are already looked upon as being responsible for the suicide of a man whose only crime was pretending to hit a stuffed toy with a stick. We will forever hold you responsible. You are a neurotic human female and a disgrace to human kind itself. Bitch!

  5. @Jackson Cage
    Jackson, there was no harassment of marine mammals, but how touching that you are concerned for their welfare ;-)

    I wasn’t as close to the seal as I appear to be. They are, after all, wild animals and their space is to be respected. Marine Mammal Regulations do not specify how close you can be to a seal. They state simply that you cannot harass seals. Unless, of course, you’ve paid your $5 for a sealing license and then you can subject them to the most horrendous treatment you like – kick them in the face, stab them through the jaw, hurl them through the air, drive a spike through their head, shoot them and watch them writhe and bleed all over the ice…all with the blessing of the Canadian government.

    An observation permit specifies the holder must remain 10 metres away from sealkillers while they’re killing seals. There were no sealkillers on the ice that day. We did not harass or touch the seals. We did not break any laws.

    As I’m sure you know, I hold no medical qualifications. I have carefully researched the subject and have personal experience, including documenting the slaughter for the past three years. I believe that gives me the right to speak with authority on the matter. I cannot agree with your claim that experts support the hunt and say it is humane. The Canadian commercial seal hunt has been the subject of many studies over the years and not one of them concluded the seal hunt is acceptably humane. In fact, just the opposite.

  6. Wow Briget, you must have to laugh at the harshness of the comments you receive sometimes. How unfortunate that the best argument some can come up with is to call you obscene names. The work you are doing is GREAT! I have high hopes that we will see progress in this area in the near future. There is less and less demand for this hunt; let’s hope the government starts to see that soon. Excellent letter in the Cape Breton Post today, by the way. Perhaps drawing parallels between seal fur and cat/ dog fur will allow some pet owners to see their hypocrisy in supporting the hunt. Again, great work!

  7. sustainability, you might want to take a peak at that word before you continue your work. without the seal hunt there will be more more fish to eat on the east coast, thousands of jobs lost.
    i think you should focus on something more productive like stopping harsh farming conditions that cattle and chickens have to live with their entire lives.

    also just to shed some light on an issue, everyone should look up the relationship between bridget and dann little

  8. Shame what you see when you don’t have a hac a pic

  9. @Just Curious
    I do not claim to have a PhD or other formal qualifications. You may be interested to know, however, that the Coalition does have a qualified Marine Biologist on our board of directors and I confer with him on a regular basis. It’s my opinion that you do not need a formal education to have an opinion on the commercial seal hunt issue. I’m sure you don’t have credentials to back up your own opinion. Am I correct?

    I can also confirm that I don’t have, as you put it, “a pocket full of money.” The Coalition does not actively solicit donations except for a donation jar at our demonstrations, and funding comes from the pockets of the directors. However, that’s going to change quite soon, and we will be actively fundraising for the Coalition. That should make you happy as then you will have something to complain about.

  10. @Swiler
    And once again the sealers and their supports show that their solution to all of life’s problems is a hakapik through the head. Whether it be a defenceless baby seal or a critic of the commercial seal hunt, pro-sealers seem to think that violence is the solution to everything. Put the hakapik down, Swiler, and try using words. I’m sure you could form a sentence if you tried hard enough.

  11. Ryan, I’m glad you brought up the subject of Dann Little and encouraged people to do some research on the issue, rather than listen to the inane slanderous rants of you and your ilk. When people research the subject they will see that I had nothing whatsoever to do with Mr. Little’s tragic death.

    For those of you who aren’t familiar with the situation, Dann Little was a Metro Transit bus driver who suffered from a blocked artery to his brain which it was reported caused unpredictable behaviour. Last March Mr. Little left his bus with passengers inside and, running across the street brandishing a weapon in his hand, disrupted our peaceful demonstration pretending to beat a homemade seal model we had set up on the ground. He was reported to Metro Transit by a few people both at the demonstration and on his bus, and an inspector came to take statements.

    Mr. Little subsequently lied to Metro Transit, insisting he’d picked up a stick from the ground as he crossed the street. Several witnesses, including myself, stated it was in truth a retractable baton. Videotaped evidence proved this. The baton was not Metro Transit issue, and he should not have had it on his bus. Media was on the scene when the incident occurred and as Mr. Little ran across the street he shouted out to reporters, asking if their cameras were rolling. Clearly, he wanted to be caught on film and thought it was quite funny.

    Media subsequently contacted me for a statement and I expressed concern that a person can run at people with a weapon in his hand simply because he doesn’t like the message they’re conveying. I stated I was worried for the safety of the people at the demonstration. This is because it is not uncommon for sealers and their supporters to resort to violence, and it is not unnatural for someone to have such fears when confronted with someone brandishing a retractable baton running at them. For this I have been accused of being melodramatic and hysterical. When asked by media what I thought should happen, I replied that I thought he should be fired and have charges laid against him. In subsequent conversations with police, it was agreed that although he carried a weapon it was not a prohibited weapon, had not uttered any threats and had not struck anyone, so charges would not be laid. I did not pursue the matter. I never at any time contacted Metro Transit to insist Mr. Little be fired, contrary to what some people are saying. To be honest, I was tired of talking about the situation and wanted the focus put back where it should be – on the issue of the commercial seal hunt, not the actions of an unwell man who couldn’t even explain why he did what he did.

    Mr. Little was fired by Metro Transit for several reasons, not simply because he disrupted our demonstration. He was told by his union lawyer that he could get his job back easily. The next day he hanged himself in the basement of his house.

    There are some sealing supporters who are using every chance they get to accuse me of Dann Little’s death – some have called me a murderer; some say I aggressively persecuted him and drove him to suicide; someone actually said I should be raped so I know how it feels to be violated, just as they felt I had violated Mr. Little and his family. Some say I should have offered condolences to his family (which is ridiculous and would have been entirely inappropriate and an unwelcome intrusion on his family’s grief).

    Ryan, nobody is fooled by the accusations of you and your ilk. You don’t care about Dann Little or his family. You’re simply using his tragic death in your personal vendetta against me, in the hopes that you will silence me. It will not work. You can post as many inflammatory and slanderous comments about me online as you like; you can send me as many threatening emails as you like – I will not be silenced. I will continue speaking up and will not stop until the commercial seal hunt is abolished, alternatives implemented by the Canadian government and all seals in Canada are protected.

  12. @C Mac
    Thanks C Mac. Yes, we are definitely seeing progress. In the time I’ve been involve in this issue, some tangible victories for seals have been won and we’re very close now to ending it forever. Every PR stunt the govt has set up to offer token gestures of support to sealers have backfired, making them (and unfortunately, also Canadian citizens) look ridiculous in the eyes of the world.

    The comments I get from people just make me shake my head that people can be so hate-filled and petty. I have a thick skin so these things don’t bother me. I’m not here for a popularity contest; I’m here for the seals. I know I’m not going to change the minds of people who resort to personal insults and threats of violence because they know they have no valid arguments to support the commercial seal slaughter, so I tend to ignore most of the negative comments I get. I’d rather spend my time speaking with people who are open-minded about the issue and willing to hear the truth and do the research, rather than people who are simply being spoon-fed misinformation by the government and form an opinion based on a misguided sense of loyalty and stubbornness.

    The government knows support for the commercial seal slaughter is limited to a minority in Atlantic Canada. The government knows the majority of Canadians oppose the annual slaughter and object to their tax dollars being used to fund and promote it. But the government is desperate to keep the votes of that minority and unfortunately that minority is the only group making the commercial seal slaughter a voting issue. That’s the only reason why the killing hadn’t been ended yet.

    Canadians need to make the commercial seal slaughter a voting issue, send a clear message to their MPs that their unconditional support of the annual slaughter will no longer be tolerated. MPs need to be reminded that the majority of Canadians oppose the commercial kill and unless they begin respecting the wishes of the majority of Canadians and begin calling for the abolition of it, they will certainly lose their seats in the next election, to be replaced by someone who is not afraid to speak out for what his/her constituents want.

  13. Anybody who read / heard of the incident with the poor man in Halifax last year knows that you and your group of followers were absolutely directly responsible for that man’s death.

    You can try to rationalize all you want but his family’s destruction is on your head.

    Come on Bridget,,one minute a man has a job, then, he interacts with you, next he’s dead?? Of course your agressive, self serving ego couldn’t let it go..Why it just wouldn’t serve your misguided interests ( The money in your pocket)

    I wouldn’t expect you to have the guts to send condolences to his don’t have it in your money grubbing heart.

    I will continue to post and inform others of your calousness at every opportunity.

    BTW,,No surprise that you have no educational background in Marine Biology..maybe you had a cat or somthing when you were little and that made you an expert on the Harp Seal.


  14. Bridget ignorant slut..

    You fucking disgust me.

    Your face reminds me of my fat dog’s arse..and he has the bleeding piles.

    You are a disgusting example of a lonely woman with no prospects for a man who is just looking for a cause to vent your vile bitch shit on.
    Get some hormone replacement patches fot the love of God

    and Please..Please ..don’t go off your head and kill anymore bus drivers. OK??

  15. @Swiler
    What man are you talking about? You sealers seem to blame us for everything. What we are responsible for is shutting down your seal slaughter. I hear it’s down to $14 per pelt. Lets hope fewer seals are slaughtered than last year.

  16. Bridget-you have no understanding about Coyotes and how they destroy the ecosystem. Northern wolves are selective eaters, Coyotes eat everything hence in my area, the large hunting birds, owls, hawks etc. are starving. You have no understanding about the seal hunt, the necessities of the fishermen and their families, the overpopulation of seals and destruction of fish stalks. In NS we now have an agressive Coyote that is crossed with wolves and large domestic dogs. The result is a creature that stalks humans, is killing sheep, calves, fawns, frogs, earthworms, EVERYTHING. Yet they have thousands of acres of woodland right here behind us. Please either do your homework or go south and help the birds in Louisiana. While you are at it dye your hair blonde. You sound blonde Bridget and your lack of knowledge is disgraceful.

  17. Hi Bridget – Great blog. I just wanted you to know you have restored, at least to some degree, my favorable opinion of Canadians. I was born and raised in Buffalo, NY and spent a lot of time “over the border”. But in recent years I have grown tired of the same old excuses I hear for supporting this barbaric sport they call the Seal Hunt. And even more disappointing is the willingness of the Canadian people to turn and look the other way while the rest of the world looks on in helpless horror.

    I’ve read some of the personal attacks made against you here and can only feel sorry for these delusional people. They have plenty of hatred to go around, which is certainly not surprising from someone who could seriously attempt to defend cruelty to any animal.

    I recently sent a letter to the “The Honorable” Gail Shea reminding her of the good ol yankee tourist $$ I will no longer be spending in Canada and suggested perhaps there was more money in Seal tourism than red ice… but they just don’t get it!

    It has become some sort of childish pissing contest on the part of the Canadian government… “The more you complain the more seals we will kill” like that proves something other than our point exactly. It is THAT exact mentality that is angering so much of the world. Seal pelts are virtually worthless, but we will continue to kill them just to prove that we can… because the suffering of OUR animals is none of your business.

    And for those who somehow attempt to counter this opposition with the argument that “We kill cows and pigs and chickens and turkeys etc”… may I remind you they are not beaten… gaffed through the eyes and left to suffer for hours in a pile. If you don’t know what cruelty is… then we are starting to get to the root of the problem.

    It’s just a shame… when I see one video of a sealer jabbing a gaff hook through the eye socket of a live baby seal and throwing it on the deck of a boat as if it a bail of hay… my opinion of all Canadians sinks just a little… sorry to say. Because to tolerate it… is to endorse it.

  18. Hi, I came across your web site and I find it disgusting. Not your site, but what “humans” do to defenseless animals. Why not put a dead seal on the politicians’ door step. Maybe that will wake them up.

    Keep up the good work. I will be viewing this blog on a regular basis.
    Kind regards from South Africa.

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