NS Liberal Andrew Younger standing up for rednecks' right to bear arms on Sundays

The Nova Scotia liberal party has stood up for rednecks across the province, calling for our “outdated” hunting laws to be amended to allow hunting on Sundays during big game season.  Yes, that’s right…with all that’s going wrong in this province, the NS liberal party is worried about hunters’ rights to bear arms on Sundays and is introducing legislature to allow hunting on Sundays during Nova Scotia’s big game season, according to the NS Liberal Caucus website.  

Says Liberal Natural Resources critic Andrew Younger: “We see no reason that hunters should not be allowed to take to the woods in pursuit of big game.  The prohibition against big game hunting on Sundays has been in place for far too long and other provinces have moved to allow this practice.”

Gun- and crossbow-toutin’ rednecks have picked their knuckles up off the ground long enough to applaud this action.  Redneck Greg Sheaves who has been killing defenceless wildlife for 38 years, enthused, “This move will increase the number of new people in our sport.  It will stop the loss of millions in hunting revenue to other nearby provinces.”

Andrew Younger had originally been quoted as saying Nova Scotia’s hunting laws which ban Sunday hunting were “outdated.”  Interestingly, this quote has since been removed, seemingly after I sent a tweet to him and liberal leader Stephen MacNeil pointing out that what is actually “outdated” is killing for sport. 

It’s not bad enough that we kill coyotes all year round, even when they’re birthing and nursing their young (while the government puts our tax dollars in the killers’ pockets).  It’s not bad enough that we beat and shoot to death defenceless weeks-old grey seal pups in nature reserves (and, again, the government puts our tax dollars in the killers’ pockets).  Now we want to kill big game on the one day they get some breathing space?  If this legislation passes, there will be no day of rest for Nova Scotia wildlife, nor will there be a day of rest for Nova Scotia redneck hunters.  You’d think they’d have enough to do on Sundays, what with all the beer-swilling, wife- and children-beating and whatnot.


  1. I feel it is only fair to the snowmobilers, cross country skiers, nature lovers, and those who work in the woods to be provided at least 1 day a week where they do not have to fear possible interaction in rural areas with guns.

    I am very much an outdoors person myself, and I know how complicated / concerning it can be for folks who wish to enjoy the woods this time of year – without having to worry about potential accidents or complications with hunters. I like many Nova Scotians work Monday to Friday, and Sunday often ends up being my only day of leisure; sometimes spent hiking.

  2. Very good points, UnNamed. This does essentially shut non-hunters out of the woods during the big game hunting season, unless we want to take our lives in our own hands in our pursuit of non-lethal appreciation of nature.

    Kind of makes me wonder what effect this may have on the tourism industry. This is a wonderful time of year to explore NS wilderness. But if it’s not safe for people to enjoy that wilderness because of trigger-happy hunters in the woods seven-days-a-week, what’s the point in coming here?

    It’s possible that businesses catering to hunting tourism will see an increase in revenue at the expense of other tourism vendors. But that’s nothing new here in Nova Scotia where the NDP government routinely sells our wildlife to the highest bidding industries.

  3. Who’s forgot about Sunday shopping? We did not as our government chose to break the law by allowing it. Go to our site http://www.saveoursundays.ca and see why? I have nothing against Hunting, but it would be nice to have one day to walk in the woods without worrying about bullets flying. It’s all about money when has to do with our provincial government. They do not care. Funny how government offices are closed. I do not hear a push for them to open. How about our legislature sitting on Sunday?

  4. Bridget and “unamed” , seems the hunting industry is taking everything from those who enjoy the beauty of the fall. The hunting public talk big about how we “conserved land” so “all can enjoy”. Really? Fall is my favorite time of the year to venture our but seems that we get their ugly face to ours because we walked on their path, they and the DNR (Hunting club with a fancy name). All that “conservation” and even places like “wildlife reserve” are being us only for hunters , the land becomes a killing field leaving many wounded and crippled. That is what today’s recreational hunting is about. Use of lies to benefit the killers. We cannot go out into the land withhout fear of being a victim of bowhunters or shotgun. It’s a damn shame that psychopath has taken over our forest causing immense pain and suffering to the innocent wildlife. Not only that but deer numbers are propagated for the hunters killing, more deer means more revenue http://www.examiner.com/urban-wildlife-in-national/realities-of-hunting-as-a-population-control-why-so-many-deer. Hunting is not about deer herd reduction, it’s about ensuring there be more deer year after year as they continue to lie to the public.

  5. Great! My horse is the same color as a deer. Sunday is our ‘rest easy’ day. We HATE hunting season and our bright orange reflective vests and blankets and being forced to ride on the side of the road because that’s the only place we’re safe during this time of year. She LOVES adventures in the woods, she’s always so perky. Sad times.

  6. How many letter writer are against Sunday hunting and how many are against hunting?
    I have hiked and hunted most of my 65 years and the last few year I was worried more about getting killed or hurt on the drive to the woods than I worry about getting shot.
    Dave McMillan

  7. even during hunting season everyone is safer if you keep your horse off the road. There is absolutely no reason to think that a hunter would ever mistake a horse and rider for a deer, despite that fact that horses look like thy would be delicious.
    While I can understand that not everyone is into hunting, I know for the vast majority this Sunday hike is hypothetical, and any that do actually like to get out and enjoy the woods, have a myriad of options and need never encounter a hunter.

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